31024 - Deville Longboard Deck - 41.0" Micro-Drop - Bonneville

31024 - Deville Longboard Deck - 41.0" Micro-Drop - Bonneville


People come in different shapes and sizes and we believe boards should too. Built for the large and tall, Bonneville's Micro drop technology locks in your stance and prevents any risk of feet slipping or sliding off the board. The symmetrical shape along with 9 ply Maple provides a very comfortable and stable base. Perfect for free riding, the length and shape of the Bonneville serves a distinct purpose; no rider is too tall and no stance is too wide. This board allows very little flex and features a variable wheelbase to accommodate a number of riding disciplines. The Bonneville comes stock with Deville Salty Balls 70mm 79aa and Navigator 50° cast drone trucks.

  • 43’’ x 10’’

  • 9 ply Canadian Maple laminate with tapered waist

  • Featuring 34.5" - 35.5" adjustable wheel base.

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